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Welcome to the Fairfax Club Estates Home Owners Association (FCE) website! FCE is a not-for-profit organization.

Fairfax Club Estates, established in 1979, is a community of 272 homes located in Fairfax County, VA about two miles south of George Mason University. The association owns and maintains a common area that hosts a swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, a playground and picnic area. Roads and sidewalks within the community are owned and maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation. Our local public elementary school is Bonnie Brae Elementary. Our local public middle/high school is James W. Robinson Secondary School.

Our mailing address is:

Fairfax Club Estates
c/o GHA Community Management
3020 Hamaker Ct., Suite 300
Fairfax VA 22031-2220

The above address is for communications only, not for sending money.

How to send money

Our bookkeeping and billing are handled by:

Gates Hudson and Associates Community Management (GHACM)
Phone: 703-752-8300
email: contact@ghacm.com

Automated Notification

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Pay your HOA dues electronically

GHACM offers direct debit for owners where we pull from their bank accounts between the 1st and 5th business day of the month their assessment is due. They can visit http://www.smartstreet.com/ which is the associations bank and pay by Discover/MasterCard/American Express for $9.95 or they can do a onetime e-check at no charge.


If you see someone suspicious in the neighborhood, notify the police at 703-691-2131.

A photo of a young girl opening from the inside the front door to
                     a residence as if answering a door bell.

Solicitors are required to have and display upon request a county solicitor's license (County Code, Chapter 31). An ID card issued by their company hanging by a chain around their neck does not satisfy the requirement of a county issued license. If the solicitor says "I forgot it back at my office," don't buy it. The police will respond to complaints about this. The real purpose of unlicensed solicitors is that they may be casing the neighborhood. Charitable organizations such as Cub Scouts, Girl scouts selling cookies are exempt. Political candidates and people working for them are exempt as they are not selling goods or services. People taking "surveys," the real purpose of which is to get you to buy something, are solicitors. People trying to make "appointments" to later meet with you to sell you something or prepare an estimate are solicitors. Solicitors must respect signs that say "No Solicitors," or have similar wording. Solicitors must immediately leave your property if asked to do so.

Complaint Form and related documents

The FCE Board has established a complaint form and a defined complaint resolution process in conformity with VA Code Title 55, Chapter 29. These are only to address complaints pertaining to any alleged violations of the Virginia Property Owners Association Act and Common Interest Community Ombudsman Regulations. The documents can be accessed from the "Documents" page of this web site. The complaint form and complaint process do not pertain to complaints about pool operations, the appearance of you neighbor's yard, why you were turned down by the Architectural Control Committee for a proposed modification of your house, etc.

Getting ready to sell?

Contact GHACM at (703) 752-8300 to get the information you need to make the process go smoothly. In addition to providing necessary information, the managers at GHACM will schedule a resale inspection to ensure your property is in compliance with Homeowners Association Architectural Guidelines in accordance with the Association Covenants. We strongly recommend you check with the ACC Chairperson to verify what improvements or additions are listed for your property. If a resale inspection notes violations or non-compliance, an additional five days will be required to correct the documentation.

Community Service

If you are required to perform Community Service hours for school, church, the National Honor Society, or to achieve a badge for boy/girl scouts or maybe just want to help in the community, then Fairfax Club Estates can help you reach your goals. Whether it is an individual or group or whether you have friends in other neighborhoods, please click here.

Catch someone doing good

See someone doing good things for the community? Maybe picking up a cheeseburger wrapper that got blown out of a trash bin? Maybe shoveling snow off a handicapped ramp or away from a fire hydrant? Maybe removing tree limbs or leaves fallen onto the tennis courts? Contact the webmaster and we will post it on this web site.


Cub Scout Pack 41, has been at it again! The pack picked up 112 pounds of trash in the FCE neighborhood. They also collected over 640 canned goods and 230 boxes of food across Fairfax Club Estates and Middleridge to help the Washington area's less fortunate.

We are proud of our Pack 41!

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